Time Bomb – The Last Drop of Water

Time Bomb – The Last Drop of Water

November 13 – November 19, 2023

54 thegallery, 54 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QX

Installation by David Jacobson, presented by Brooke-Walder Fine Art.

Time Bomb: Last Drop of Water, centres around the looming catastrophe we face across all 24 time zones.

The installation is part memory, part fear and fear born of memory.

David Jacobson was born in Namibia, (the Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world), and now finds the world potentially dying in one.

While the politics of needless phenomena play themselves out, we are in danger of destroying the very thing that makes our planet unique, that gave us life and gives us life. Water.

The installation was presented by Brooke-Walder Fine Art at Gallery 54, Shepherd Market, London.

Bomba ad orologeria: L’ultima Goccia di Acqua, è incentrata sull’incombente catastrofe che affrontiamo in tutti i 24 fusi orari. L’installazione è in parte memoria, in parte paura ma anche paura scaturita dalla memorial. David Jacobson è nato in Namibia (il deserto del Namib è il deserto più antico del mondo) e ora scopre che il mondo potrebbe morire in uno di essi. Mentre le politiche si focalizzano più su fenomeni inutili, si corre il pericolo di distruggere proprio ciò che rende unico il nostro pianeta, che ci ha dato e che continua a darci la vita.


L’installazione è stata presentata da Brooke-Walder Fine Art alla Gallery 54, Shepherd Market, Londra.

In the installation, Jacobson examines the implications of the global water crisis. 72 boxes of 3 varying sizes create 24 sculptures, each representing one of the worlds 24 time zones. The outer walls of the largest boxes are inscribed with drawings and marks of a location in each time zone. Latitude, longitude, global position and on top of each large box, is a smaller box that holds a battery for a working clock. These clocks indicate the current time of each respective location in relation to each other. Within each large box, is a final small box, which contains a three-by-one centimetre bottle of water, The Last Drop of Water on Earth. Each of the boxes within a box represents a time bomb, the certain inevitability towards the last drop of water. Jacobson encapsulates the inherent urgency and presents a call for action in a global need to come together to preserve and protect our planet’s dwindling resource of potable and safe, clean, and more easily accessible water. 

“There may be beauty in the objects but what they mean is ugly, frightening and perverse” – David Jacobson

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