Mixed Media

David Jacobson: “Then the “Albrechts River”. This was exciting here, because I had in my collection of images a postcard that was addressed to a Mr F. K. Albrecht. And there I suddenly found the Albrechts River. Whether or not this Mr Albrecht is in Antwerp, in Belgium, I have no idea, and it came with another image of Windhoek, also on the postcard that I had. So, combining those things with the Albrechts River and this distorted map of the world implies how distorted our memories can be or how we can be misinformed. This bridge was built in 1965, when I was fourteen years old, and it’s the seventh of fourteen rivers. The idea is, once again there’s the motion blur – there is something that looks like it might be a ticket or something stuck onto it, which was there partly because I was recalling in those when you went to Swakopmund on holiday, you’d get up every morning and take your bottles to the station to get fresh water, because there was no fresh water. You only had salt water coming out of the taps, and so you had to go to the station every day with your ticket to get your fresh water. Maybe I invented the ticket thing but not the water collection.”

© David Jacobson