Earth Lungs



Diameter 5m

© David Jacobson

As we all know by now, Covid-19 is a virus that primarily affects the lower respiratory tract, our lungs. During the lockdown, it has been documented how in such a short time, nature has taken its spaces back, how it has started to breathe again.

“Parks, gardens, and green spaces are the lungs of our cities! 

Since the pandemic with fewer cars, trains, boats, and airplanes it has been well documented that nature has reclaimed much of its territory. The air is cleaner, the waters clearer, and birds have returned en mass to our cities and green spaces. One could ask that for how long this will continue after lockdown ends but we can only hope that humanity has learned some lessons and nature is also more resilient.”

As we are fighting against the virus which is attacking our lungs and blocking our breath, we should start doing the same for the lungs of our Earth.