Mixed Media

David Jacobson: “The tenth of 14 dry river beds is the “Ekararu River”. This is where I have emphasized this idea of coming and going, because what I’ve done once again, that the image is simply reversed. But what was striking about this was the red, arid dryness everywhere in the image, and yet the trees on either side where green. And this is one of the things about Namibia that is very extraordinary. There are for example animals – lions, elephants – in certain parts of the Skeleton Coast and no one quite knows to this day how they survive because it’s so dry, there is no greenery and yet they follow these particular routes every day. And I wanted to make some kind of comment about that, so I’ve simply reversed the images and, once again, it’s up to the viewer to decide whether they are coming or going when they look at the image. And you can also see that the rocks in this one have also been coloured, and I’ve played about with the sky, because one of the things that Namibia – among my strongest memories of Namibia is that sunsets were always the most spectacular sunsets that you saw anywhere – I’ve travelled a lot, and I’ve seen wonderful sunsets, and Namibian sunsets are un-paralleled.”

© David Jacobson