Meridian Metaphor


Granite / Red Brick / Water

Diameter 50m

N.C.C. Piazza



© David Jacobson

In 2018 I was informed that Meridian Metaphor was to be thrown away, an act it is better I do not comment on. After contacting the site offices I arranged for the sculpture to be removed to an architectural salvage yard to store them until a new site could be found. Fortunately, the architects from Birch were visiting the salvage yard soon after and contacted me to inquire about their availability. we agreed to install the work at Birch.

Unfortunately, Covid 19 interfered with the installation and the present installation is only temporary.

When time allows, the work will be installed as intended.

The initial installation included the use of the Fibonacci series, the binary number of DNA and computer language and references to Games theory.

Please find the following extract by Graham Dolan of the Royal Observatory for further information.

It is a most comprehensive and constructive outline of Meridian Metaphor which is now on the National Monuments and Sculpture Association listing. It is thanks both to Birch hotel and Graham Dolan that my work has been saved.