Mixed Media

David Jacobson: “The next one is the largest of the river bed prints, it’s the “Okazize River”. Here, on the top image, the road disappears into the sky. On the very bottom image, the bridge appears to disappear into the sky. And also the motion blur of the bridge is exaggerated in the bottom image. The major central image has a skull on it, which is in fact the skull – a mammoth skull – that was discovered in Namibia and that I used to go to look at in the old Windhoek museum. And the image has been manipulated to show a dam where the water appears to have disappeared down a plughole. There was this enormous dam that I came across which had absolutely no water in it. Once again, there’s a satellite image of the actual journey between Windhoek and Swakopmund, and you can see this shape once again of the snake in this one. There are layered acetate images of the driver, Pieter, both coming and going. I was very struck by this. It was so much coming and going, which would be exactly the same thing if you reversed your journey. It was like you were re-learning things all the time: When you came you saw it one way, all you had to do is turn around and go the other way, and it looked exactly the same, but wasn’t of course. And there is also an image of myself once more, taking a photograph in the mirror, the wing mirror of the car.”

© David Jacobson