Mixed Media

David Jacobson: “The next one that we come to is the “Kranzberg”. This has a three-dimensional image in a sense on it in that I print with acetate over acetate with distances between them, so that it looks like you can actually walk into the riverbed, and you get a shadow behind the image, depending on where you’re looking at it. On the photograph of the Kranzberg sign it says “mirage or memory”, and I was interested in that idea – first of all you see many mirages when you’re in the desert, and you discover they’re not real, and having gone back on this journey to Namibia for myself it was a question of whether I was seeing things which I remembered, or whether I’d fabricated, or whether or not they were real. That is why this image of Leutwein has been put in – and he looks a little bit shifty, he looks a little bit drunk in the way that I’d manipulated the image, and he’s leaning forward, and there are fourteen of him, because there are the fourteen dry river beds.”

© David Jacobson