Mixed Media

David Jacobson: “One of my favourites of these is the next print that we come to which is the “Otjikako”. I’ve always been in awe of anthills, and I decided that the anthills could also do with decorating. I think this is what we do to our memories as well, we furnish them with information which may not have been there to make them more pleasant so that we can remember better, which is a good thing, I think that’s a very positive thing. So the anthills have been given colour. In a sense like the weaverbird nests were given colour. But what I also found once I’d gone through all of this that was a lion, crossing the road in front of me next to the anthill. You can see it there and then you can see it’s been repeated, down there you can see him under there, you can see him over there. It was quite an extraordinary experience because usually the lions are behind fences. This one obviously managed to go for a walk.”

Daniela Schlettwein: “Lions in that region that’s not very …”

David Jacobson: “… not, no, absolutely, absolutely. So it was a most surprising little interlude.”

© David Jacobson