Mixed Media

David Jacobson: “The next one we come to is the “Okakoara” – these names are so exotic, it’s wonderful. And, while I was doing the Okakoara, I looked at one of the images from it and was struck by this boulder in the middle of the river bed, and I remembered as a child always sitting on the meteorites that had fallen in Namibia and were placed outside the old museum which no longer exists, and unfortunately these meteorites have now been moved to the centre of a new shopping mall and been placed on plinths in the promenade, and I kind of wanted to make this rock special, so I made it a red rock as if it was a rock from somewhere else. And there are two images – one apparently travelling from east to west and one travelling from west to east – of the Okakoara River, you have to decide which is which. Parts of this print are stencilled images of myself, a multi print, that looks like a magic carpet, like a Persian carpet, and the idea is that this ride for me was like that – it was mirage, it was memory or mirage once again as in the previous print.”

© David Jacobson